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Carolyn Durand
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Carolyn is a genuine enthusiast whose dedication has rewarded her with a great network of clients, colleagues and valuable resources.  Since her start in the business she has been committed to bringing her customers the best synthesis of market academics, island education and exceptional service.  Her earnestness and sincerity are complimented by her savvy.  She is professional and warm, she is tough with credibility, she is fun to work with and incredibly capable when the property or the transaction are challenged.  She will give you her spirited all and then some.

Living on Nantucket and working in real estate has given Carolyn a great appreciation for the harmony of architecture, design, landscape and preservation.  The island is a phenomenal study of history, commerce, hospitality and development.  Having graduated from Cornell University with a focus in the economics of developing nations, a growing interest in tourism and resort management brought sense to the decision to strike up a career 30 miles out at sea, on an island she hardly knew of until she was being hurried along to catch the boat in 1993.  Thankfully she soon found Jeff Lee and joined Lee Real Estate in 1996.  Since then, it’s been a fabulous collaboration and mutual success.

A native of Rochester, New York, Carolyn grew up in the southeast suburb of Pittsford.  She often speaks of the Rochester “mid-western” ethos as influential and grounding.  She values the stories and experiences of her parents and grandparents who are and have been important role models.  With Carolyn, advice and counsel will be considered and honest.  Your goals and comfort level are the priority lens through which she evaluates and translates.

At home her best mornings begin with her young twins, coffee with her husband and a good run.  She has trained for two marathons in the last 10 years running nearly every mile on sandy roads across the island moors – so thankful for the conservation lands on Nantucket!  Travel is often to be with family in Rochester or Napa Valley but ski vacations and Europe weave in.  If only Hawaii were closer…

In addition to loving her family dearly, work, play, art, music, dining in and especially out, Carolyn is actively involved as a board member of PASCON, the Palliative and Supportive Care Foundation of Nantucket.  She is also on the board of The Montessori Children’s House of Nantucket.  Together with her husband’s company Champoux Landscape they are involved with the Artists Association of Nantucket, Nantucket Conservation Foundation and The Sconset Trust.