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Bob Lang
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Bob Lang was born in New York City and raised in Syosset, Long Island. He attended school in Oyster Bay, a place that instilled him with a love of the sea. In his mid-teens Bob and his family moved to the Connecticut waterfront. By his early twenties he was an experienced sailor – familiar with nearly every harbor on Long Island Sound and Buzzards Bay. But he had yet to discover his dream destination, Nantucket Island.

Interested in anything mechanical, Bob entered the Connecticut Tool and Die Apprenticeship Program in 1966, working for Pitney Bowes and earning his Journeyman’s Certificate in 1970. He majored in mechanical engineering in the evening program of Bridgeport Engineering Institute, now part of Fairfield University.

In July of 1970 Bob visited Nantucket for the first time and it was love at first sight. The island’s historic charm, natural beauty, casual lifestyle and pristine waters beckoned him to return. In the spring of 1973 he waved goodbye to Pitney Bowes, sold his house, moved to Nantucket and never looked back.

Believing since childhood that he could do anything imaginable, Bob built a house in Tom Nevers and set up a precision machine shop and jewelry-making studio. Seeing the real estate business heat up through the 1970’s he obtained his broker’s license in 1980 and soon opened an office in the heart of Town. After eleven years of operating his own firm he joined Lee Real Estate in 1991.

Bob has enjoyed working with other real estate professionals and assisting clients in achieving their dreams of owning, selling or renting their Nantucket properties. With more than forty years in the profession he is looking forward to continuing his career well into the future.

When not at work, Bob enjoys guitar, amateur radio, bicycling, fishing, and sailing. He especially enjoys spending time with his daughters Jesse and Erica, both born and raised on Nantucket. The island continues to be his year-round home.