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21 May 2019


If you’re a wine enthusiast, you likely loved the 2004 box office hit, “Sideways.” The cult favorite flick made us all a little embarrassed to drink Merlot for awhile and enticed us to give its cousin Pinot Noir a shot at stardom. Virginia Madsen’s character Maya, reminded us that wine “is a living thing that…

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23 Apr 2019


Author Toni Sorenson reminds us of the value in preserving all things tried and true, even while putting a fresh face on them. “Hey friend,” Sorenson pens, “don’t you dare forget as you’re creating a new you that there’s a whole lot about the old you that’s worth keeping.” With the arrival of Spring comes hundreds…

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09 Apr 2019


John Dewey once wrote, “Democracy must be born anew every generation and education is its midwife.” With a similar sentiment, Thomas Jefferson famously declared that “information is the currency of democracy.” As I sat in the jam-packed Nantucket high school auditorium last week for the Annual Town Meeting, I was inspired by the many young…

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26 Mar 2019

Nantucket Detour

In her 2012 debut novel, The Road to Mercy, author Kathy Harris shares the wisdom of an elderly gentlemen about life’s detours. “Perhaps the old man had chosen to look up through-or at least around-his problems while still smiling,” Harris pens, “knowing that a detour didn’t have to alter the destination, it merely changed the…

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12 Mar 2019

Treasure Island

In his 1989 hit single, “Treasure Island” from the album titled “More To This Life,” Steven Curtis Chapman eloquently describes the effects the treasures of an island have on our soul. “The moon’s waving the world goodbye,” Chapman croons. “The morning sun smiles and lights the sky. I hear the waves crashing into shore; The…

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