23 Apr 2019


Author Toni Sorenson reminds us of the value in preserving all things tried and true, even while putting a fresh face on them. “Hey friend,” Sorenson pens, “don’t you dare forget as you’re creating a new you that there’s a whole lot about the old you that’s worth keeping.” With the arrival of Spring comes hundreds of new upgrades, updates and renovations on Nantucket…not to mention a bazillion cans of paint to awaken those tired picket fences from their winter slumber.
The excitement for the end of winter is palpable as we throw open the window sashes, shake out the throw rugs and inhale giant gulps of fresh spring air. But even as we look forward to our Spring-cleaning projects that refresh our homes, businesses and communities, we’re reminded that we need to preserve and celebrate “what’s worth keeping” as Sorenson put it. Out with the old and in with the new (and trust me I love ALL things new!) isn’t always the best strategy.
You might notice a little different vibe to this Nantucket Experience layout. After over 8 years creating these blog posts, it was time for the formatting to get a little contemporary makeover. It needed to convey some of the new stylish design features that are unique to Lee Real Estate, but it was important not to lose the very substance and features that have kept you all faithfully reading for so many years. My voice and passion for Nantucket are still here, they’re just re-packaged in a shiny new template. I hope you like it.
It’s a dance, this constant refreshing business, as we seek to stay relevant in an ever-changing society. Oftentimes, it’s about necessity vs personal preference. The multiple sidewalks getting restored this Spring are creating some much needed wider and safer walkways, even as they’re stirring up justifiable concern from citizens wanting to ensure the town doesn’t go “too far” in modernizing our charming paths. It’s the same with building and home construction and renovations across the island. There are some really artistic and modern design features being introduced to our island dwellings. We’re grateful for the governing boards who require approval of all plans to ensure the creativity doesn’t destroy “what’s worth keeping.”
As you stroll the streets of Nantucket this Spring and Summer, take note of the new sidewalks, the building and home design updates and new businesses that will be opening this season. But also, take some time to pause in front of the historic homes and buildings and your favorite island mainstays (Old North Wharf, Easy Street Basin, Lily Pond or the Oldest House). Give thanks that even as the island continues to strive for progress and improvement, she is determined to hold on tight to what’s worth keeping.
Keep dancing.
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