25 Mar 2014

Breakthrough Ideas for a Nantucket Summer

It’s been said that “whenever there’s a real breakthrough, you can go back and find a time when the consensus was ‘well that’s nonsense’ which means a true creative soul has to have confidence in nonsense.” The arrival of spring gives all of us the opportunity to tap into our creative juices, design a roadmap for a new season, re-brand and re-market our businesses, organizations or even ourselves and take a chance on a little “nonsense.” There is a flurry of creativity flowing on Nantucket right now as the island stretches her arms wide and awakens from her winter slumber. Restaurant owners like Seth and Angela Raynor from The Boarding HouseThe Pearl and Corazon Del Mar are designing cutting edge new menu items, shopkeepers like Stephanie Correia from Stephanie’s Nantucket are displaying colorful spring items in their storefronts, non-profit organizations and island-wide community groups are strategizing innovative ways to promote their causes and design events that will create the fresh “wow” moments of the season.

Even while many are searching for the breakthrough ideas for a Nantucket summer that will bring about exciting changes and opportunities for the island, there are also signs…comforting, reassuring signs…that some things remain unchanged.  As early as two weeks ago, while the ground was still dotted with remnants of dirty snow, the daffodils burrowed their stems through the hardened winter soil and quietly made their annual appearance. There was no fanfare, no announcement, no “ta-dah” look at me moment; just those little green stems doing what they always do year after year – showing up and reassuring all of us that soon our island will be awash in a sea of yellow and spring will be here in earnest. Sometimes, just “showing up” makes the greatest impact of all.

On Nantucket, there is a genuine appreciation for all things new…and all things old.  The island is chock-full of creative minds who are dedicated to keeping the island fresh and contemporary…the latest in municipal infrastructure, extensive and accessible biking/pedestrian paths and a state of the art sanitation and recycling center.  There are others equally devoted to preserving the historical fiber and integrity of the island…working tirelessly and passionately to help ensure our conservation land and beaches are protected, our harbors kept clean, and the overall beauty that is Nantucket remains unspoiled. Those who love Nantucket understand the importance of keeping one foot deeply rooted in the past while simultaneously advancing the other foot forward to accommodate the contemporary lifestyle of both island residents and visitors.

As you design your Nantucket itinerary for this spring or summer, be sure to add some new places to your favorites list…but also plan to revisit the hold haunts. The long-time merchants and island business owners who have spent the past few months passionately designing this season’s “breakthrough” ideas are counting on one thing – our loyal patronage.

Just show up.

Shellie Dunlap

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