10 Sep 2019

New Chapter

The author Ann Patchett wrote, “To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall.” Her words epitomize how those of us left behind on Nantucket right now feel about not only the weather, but our life in general. As we take one final glance in the rearview mirror at our ephemeral summer, we sigh at her brevity as we give thanks for the memories. Then, with arms flung wide open, we toss our heads back with a smile and welcome September like an old friend. It’s a beautiful day indeed.
For our summer friends and family, the end of another Nantucket summer is bitter- sweet. Boarding the boat or plane home is a melancholy event, even for the most optimistic among us. But the memories made during countless beach days, sunset strolls, golf games, dinner parties, star gazing evenings and backyard BBQ’s are added to the Nantucket storyline and tucked away for quick reference when they need a Grey Lady fix this winter.
For those of us lucky enough to call this magical island home, the end of summer holds different, but no less significant, meaning. A majority of us work in the hospitality business so we’ve spent our summer helping ensure our guests have a spectacular Nantucket Experience. It can be a juggling act as we also strive to make time for our own families and friends and time to enjoy the island when she’s at summer’s best. Admittedly, we’re exhausted by August’s end, but no less melancholy than our summer guests to see summer gone so quickly.
As the island flips the almighty switch from summer to fall, we look forward with anticipation to the slower pace, continued balmy Indian Summer days and starlit skies. A little less time waiting for our turn to round the rotary or snag a parking spot at the Stop and Shop means more time for long walks in the bogs and bike rides to ‘Sconset where we’ll still be able to savor those breakfast sandwiches at Claudette’s for a few more weeks. Mostly, it means taking time to let the adrenaline slowly seep from our system, our heart rate settle back to normal and time to stand alone on the sand letting the crashing waves and salt air remind us how lucky we are to live here.
If you aren’t quite ready to leave your Nantucket summer behind, come enjoy her at her finest during September or October. All the restaurants and shops are still open with fall features and open seats at the bar or dining rooms! Restaurant Week happens the end of September offering fine food and fantastic deals. The Island Fair is a September favorite and the Cranberry Festival takes place in October. The frenetic pace of summer is fading quickly, but the memory making opportunities are ongoing as we enter a new chapter in our Nantucket story.
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