15 Oct 2019

Scallop Season: Non-profit Spotlight – Shellfish Association

nantucket shellfish association

Who They Are

The Nantucket Shellfish Association is a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting and promoting the Nantucket shell fishing industry. Through grants, they encourage and assist with research and education for the conservation and enhancement of shellfish populations. Additionally, part of their mission is to “assure prudent commercial and recreational harvesting of shellfish in support of a diversified economic base for the Nantucket community”. Lee Real Estate’s own Bruce Beni is actively involved with the association, serving as President!

nantucket shellfish season

What They Do

The Nantucket Shellfish Association provides grants to support research related to Nantucket’s shellfish, water quality, and shellfish propagation. Many of the studies that have been conducted due to these grants have shed invaluable light on Nantucket’s shellfish. The organization also helped to fund the Nantucket Blue Pages, which is a guide to protecting Nantucket’s water. The Nantucket Blue Pages offers simple steps we can all take to be more environmentally responsible. Additionally, the Shellfish Association trademarked the Nantucket Bay Scallop. By trademarking, they are protecting the integrity of the fishery and reducing the number of fraudulent sales of scallops. All of these efforts combined help to preserve our islands shell fishing industries, and create more sustainable practices for both recreational and commercial fishermen.

nantucket shellfish associationnantucket shellfish - scallops


Every year, the Shellfish Association hosts three major events. The State of the Harbor is an educational event, giving attendees the opportunity to hear about on-going research and preservation efforts. They also have an Annual Meeting, where they focus on selecting new board members and any other pertinent business for the year. Last but not least, they throw the Annual Scalloper’s Ball. The Scalloper’s Ball is the Shellfish Association’s yearly fundraising event, and celebrates the opening of scalloping season. Tickets to this event sell out fastĀ so we recommend getting them the moment they go on sale.



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