12 Mar 2013

Missing Nantucket Off Island

Missing Nantucket Off Island

After a busy hustle bustle tourist season on Nantucket and a winter wrought with one storm after the next, many of the local residents – particularly those in service related industries – look forward to a few coveted days of rest and relaxation. I had the opportunity to “get away from it all” for a few days recently. My travels took me from an overnight in Boston, to a 4 day stop in LA to visit my daughter and attend a baby shower for my son and daughter-in-law. I then jetted back across the U.S. to Naples Florida where I met up with my husband and extended family members for a few splendid days of sunshine, tropical beverages and pure relaxation. As nice as it was to “get away,” as much as I appreciated the change of scenery – the fast paced city life of Boston and LA – and the beauty of Florida and time with family…at the end of every day I found my heart beating for Nantucket.

I’ve lived in many locations all over the country…each of them with their own charm and allure. Nantucket is different. There is a deep soul to the island that many cannot define or describe, but virtually everyone who has ever visited here…and certainly those of us who live here…know to be true. There is a magnetic force connecting us to the island when we are here….and drawing us back when we are away. That pull begins even as the boat is leaving the harbor – no matter what the weather or the circumstances, watching Nantucket disappear in the distance always leaves voyagers feeling a bit melancholy.

Returning home by plane gave me the opportunity to put my island romance in perspective. In my mind, Nantucket is larger than life…brimming with countless opportunities for family, friends and clients. As she comes into full view from the air, I realize that this beloved island is, in fact, a tiny sliver of planet earth uniquely positioned off shore with the Atlantic Ocean defining her boundaries. It is no wonder she creates such an intimate connection. I’m reminded of a line from the book “The Big House” that I read while away. “God is out of the business of creating waterfront property.” All we have of Nantucket is all we’re ever going to have, making it easy to understand why so many are passionate about preserving her and why so many clamor to own a piece of her. I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to call this island home.

If Nantucket is on your mind, be sure to make plans now to secure your summer rental or perhaps plan a spring trip to spend a couple days exploring properties for sale. Slip away from your busy “off island” life and come make yourself at home on the Grey Lady.

Home Sweet Home

Shellie Dunlap

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