05 Aug 2021

LRE’s Picks – Beaches for Shell Collecting

Collecting shells is a great activity for kids to do and some beaches on Nantucket are better than others in the shell department. Check out the list of LRE’s picks for where to go find some island treasures!

Pocomo Beach


Pocomo Beach is located on the eastern end of the island, on a spit of land that comes out into the head of the harbor. Pocomo is our go-to spot for finding island treasures. When the tide is low you’re able to walk quite a ways into the harbor and find all sorts of fun things in the tidal pools that form when the tides change.

Brant Point Light


Brant Point Light is the beach with the lighthouse you see when you come into the harbor on the ferry. While we wouldn’t suggest swimming here, the are some great shells to be collected on the shore. It’s a great beach to spend some time with the family, you can wave as the ferry rounds the point into the harbor!



The best places are sometimes the hardest to get to and Coatue is no exception. Best accessed by boat, but also do-able by off-road vehicle Coatue is opposite Pocomo Beach on the harbor side. The spit of sand has great treasures and hidden spots to be found if you’re willing to put in the work to get there!

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