14 Aug 2020

LRE’s Guide to Surfside

This area is very family oriented and is home to some of the most popular beaches on the island. There is a great bike path that makes traveling around the area very simple. These south shore beaches are lifeguarded and have some of the best swimming waves on the island. 

What to Do

Surfside Beach is known to be very popular on the island. It is lifeguarded, has bathrooms and even a snack shake that sometimes has a taco truck parked out front. 

Fishermans & Stones Beach is situated between Surfside and Nobadeer featuring nice surf. It tends to be less crowded as there can be limited parking available. 

Nobadeer Beach is very popular for driving on and attracts a younger crowd. It has great surf and even has a surf school that offers daily lessons. 


Where to Eat

45 Surfside Bakery & Cafe is a bustling spot for year-round locals and seasonal tourists. Along with Rebecca’s freshly baked pastries and wedding cakes, 45 Surfside offers a breakfast, lunch and smoothie menu

Yummy is located right on the bike path on the way to Surfside Beach. They offer sandwiches, smoothies, pastries and more!

Surfside Beach Shack is perfect for all our Surfside Beach lovers! Located in the parking lot for the beach, the Shack offers sandwiches, burgers, and more to enjoy on the beach.

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