21 May 2013

First Impression of Nantucket

Some wise person once said, “first impressions are lasting impressions.” Our family was duly impressed last week as our son Brian and his wife Melissa welcomed their first child. Miss Delilah Pearl (named for my beloved Grandma Pearl) refused to arrive on time, but she certainly made her appearance with pomp and circumstance as two grandmas, a great grandma, a grandpa and two aunts waited expectantly in the hospital waiting room for the announcement she had entered the world.

Melissa was a champ as the days post due-date wore on and she resorted to lawn work and endless long walks to move things along. When the news came that her water had broken, we all arrived for the family motorcade escort to the hospital to discover our son dressed in a traditional Nantucket uniform (khaki’s, button-down shirt and blue blazer). This from the guy who while in High School never wore anything but Adidas t-shirts and wouldn’t be caught dead in a blazer of any color.  We all laughed and asked him why in the world he was dressed this way for a baby delivery.  He proudly announced he wanted to make a good first impression on his new daughter.

In the end, it was Miss Delilah who made the big impression.  Initially with her very first cry (the one her other “Grammie” and me heard while hiding just on the other side of the delivery room door), then over and over again as we snuggled her, kissed her and passed her around. Undoubtedly, our first impression of her will be a lasting and ongoing one as she steals our hearts anew each time we see her.

Nantucket has this same effect on people. If you are not an island native, I have no doubt you clearly remember your first impression of Nantucket. I arrived the first time by boat, so I was captivated by the expansive open arms of the harbor.  Rounding Brant Point, I was spellbound by the little light house signaling its greeting, charming gray cottages lining the wharf, the church steeples shimmering above the rooftops, the sailboats bobbing on their moorings and the hospitable strangers waving from the shoreline as if to say “welcome home.”

In the same way Delilah will forever be creating new first impressions, every morning on Nantucket provides an opportunity to be newly impressed. Stroll hand in hand along the shoreline at Cisco Beach, discover island treasures while peddling with Nantucket Bike Tours and then wrap your day up with a sunset cocktail and fabulous meal on the sand at Galley Beach.

Be impressed.

Shellie Dunlap

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