20 May 2024

Exploring Nantucket’s Scenic Beauty: A Biking Adventure

Nantucket bike trails

Are you ready to experience Nantucket like never before? It’s time to grab your bike and hit the many trails Nantucket has to offer. Nantucket’s compact size makes it easy to explore the island by bike, allowing you to uncover hidden gems and scenic vistas at every turn. Our many scenic biking paths showcase the island’s natural beauty and rich history. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a leisurely rider, there’s a route for everyone to enjoy.

Nantucket biking trails

Coastal Cruising to Tranquil Trails

Begin your biking adventure along the island’s 82 miles of coastline, where you’ll bike alongside the iconic shores of Surfside Beach and Madaket Beach. As you ride, take in the sound of crashing waves for the perfect soundtrack to your journey. The stunning ocean views and historic lighthouses along the way are sure to make you stop in your tracks. For those seeking a more tranquil biking experience, venture inland to explore Nantucket’s lush forests and rolling meadows. Follow the winding trails of the island’s conservation areas, such as the picturesque Sanford Farm or the peaceful Moors. Here you can truly immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty, spot native wildlife, and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings.

Ready for Adventure?

As you explore Nantucket’s scenic beauty, be sure to check out these three bike paths:

1. ‘Sconset via Polpis or Milestone: Begin your journey in ‘Sconset, a charming village on the eastern end of Nantucket. Choose between two routes: The Polpis route treats cyclists to views of Polpis Harbor’s shimmering waters and salt marshes. The Milestone route takes you through rolling hills and historic landmarks, offering glimpses of Milestone Cranberry Bog and other scenic spots

2. Cisco via Hummock Pond: For a coastal biking adventure, head to Cisco Beach via Hummock Pond Road. This scenic route takes you past Hummock Pond, a calm body of water surrounded by sand dunes and lush marshes where you will be sure to spot some of Nantucket’s wildlife.

3. Dionis via Cliff Road: This serene route winds through Nantucket’s blissful “countryside”, passing by fields and charming cottages. Upon reaching Dionis Beach, take a break from the bike and stroll along the sandy shores or bask in the sun’s warmth. Be sure to take some pictures along the way!

Learn more about these biking trails here.

As you prepare for your biking adventure on Nantucket Island, remember that the journey begins with the right equipment. Roll into any of our favorite island bike shops – Cooks Cycles, Affordable Rentals, Young’s Bike Shop, Easy Riders Bike Rentals, or Nantucket Bike Shop– to ensure top-notch bicycles and expert guidance. These shops will set you up for an unforgettable experience as you discover the island on two wheels. If you’re looking to start your adventure straight from your rental property, contact one of the shops above and arrange for your bike rental to be delivered right to you on check-in day so you don’t waste any time. See you on the trails!

Nantucket bike paths

Nantucket bike rental

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