03 Aug 2023

Exploring the Picture-Worthy Gems of Nantucket

Things to do Nantucket

Nantucket, with its seamless blend of New England charm and coastal allure, has long been a favored destination among travelers. From cobblestone streets to quaint cottages and picturesque landscapes, this island offers a myriad of spots to immerse yourself in its unique charm.


Steps Beach

Topping the list of must-visit spots on Nantucket is Steps Beach, offering stunning vistas and a tranquil escape. Located conveniently between the renowned Jetties and Dionis Beaches, this hidden gem lies a short drive from town.

Named for the wooden stairs leading visitors down to its sandy shores, Steps Beach offers a nearby escape from the island’s bustling crowds. As you descend the stairs, glimpses of Nantucket Sound and the iconic Great Point Lighthouse begin to unfold. With its elevated vantage point, Steps Beach provides an excellent spot for photographing the island’s shores, especially during sunset – the perfect moment to soak in the horizon’s breathtaking view.

Things to do in Nantucket


Old North Wharf

Strolling through the charming streets of Nantucket’s historic downtown, you’ll eventually find yourself making a turn into Old North Wharf. This iconic spot exudes old-world beauty with its colorful fishing boats and classic weathered-shingled buildings that line the wharf, offering endless photo opportunities.

During the peak of the island’s hydrangea season, Old North Wharf transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors as these blooms elegantly drape the cottages, creating a captivating backdrop for an Instagram-worthy spot on Nantucket. The timeless homes and vibrant gardens found here often appear at the top of Nantucket-related searches on Pinterest, making Old North Wharf a great spot to capture the quintessential Nantucket aesthetic.

Things to do Nantucket


Sconset Bluff Walk

A short journey to the eastern part of Nantucket leads you to ‘Sconset, a famed village known for its rose-covered cottages and idyllic setting. Adorned with seashells, Sconset Bluff Walk is a scenic pathway that unveils panoramic views of the expansive Atlantic Ocean.

As you stroll along this mile-long walk, you’ll be treated to views of the ocean and Nantucket’s iconic shingle-style cottages draped with roses at the start, morphing into panoramic views of the Atlantic and spectacular Baxter Road estates as you continue on. The high cliffs offer a breathtaking view of the waters and the historic Sankaty Head Lighthouse. Whether you are looking for a spot to take a leisurely walk or a great place to watch the sunrise, Sconset Bluff Walk promises countless opportunities to capture shots of the island.

Things to do on Nantucket


Nantucket’s endless beauty invites you to preserve every moment of your stay on the picturesque island. From the tranquil shores of Steps Beach to the historical charm of Old North Wharf and the stunning vistas of Sconset Bluff Walk, Nantucket seamlessly blends coastal allure with its rich maritime heritage. Your visit to Nantucket wouldn’t be complete without capturing your memories along the way.

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