24 Jan 2017

Teamwork Nantucket

The 2016 blockbuster “Sully” chronicles the successful water landing of US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River. Labeled a hero by the press and American people (and certainly his 155 passengers), Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger remained humbled by both the experience and the ensuing investigation by the FAA and NTSB. He acknowledged in an interview with Katie Couric that although he’d safely delivered over one million passengers to their destination, in the end his legacy would be determined and remembered for these 208 seconds. When asked about his heroics, he concluded there were none. He noted he was trained to “never stop flying the plane.” The movie ends with a sentimental moment between he and his co-pilot as he thanks him and recounts, “we did our job.”
As basic as it is, that simple lesson applies across all genres and life experiences. Whether or not you’re a New England Patriots fan, no one can argue that Bill Belichick’s mantra of the same vain, “do your job” is not only motivating, but effective. When team mates, colleagues, community members and even families implore this rudimentary concept everyone wins! When each of us tap into our individual gifts, talents and dare I say greatness…and make a sincere effort to contribute to the success of those in our midst…amazing things happen. It isn’t always easy to take a backseat so others can shine, to show up when it’s not convenient, to contribute when others are slacking, to sacrifice time, sweat and sometimes brain cells for the greater good. But it’s always worth it. It’s the age-old adage that a rising tide lifts all boats.
During the recent holiday season our office team at Lee Real Estate had an opportunity to put our teamwork skills to the test as we celebrated with a “cook together” at the new Nantucket Culinary Center. In addition to being a lot of fun, it was a great occasion to witness what happens when each of us taps into our unique gifts. Some of us were good at chopping and blending, others preferred to saute and stir, some enjoyed the process of measuring the dessert ingredients and still others were more comfortable with the hospitality elements. As each of us “did our job” the kitchen and dining room sprung to life and a delicious meal was created and enjoyed by all.
As I reminisced about the wonderful time we had at the dinner, I was reminded that the only way each of us could “do our job” was because Joy, Greg and their team (not to mention hundreds of others including donors, builders, designers, etc) laid the groundwork for it to happen. In addition to the big picture of creating and designing the fabulous dining room and chef’s kitchen, there were the multiple little things that needed attending like menu planning, grocery shopping, preparing each cooking station, dishwashing and more. None of us can do our job well (or at all) if we neglect to remember those who are working tirelessly in the background to make it possible for us.
Be sure to check out the multiple opportunities the Nantucket Culinary Center has for group cook togethers or cooking classes this year. Bring a few friends or your entire family and tell everyone the successful and delicious meal creation…and subsequent enjoyment by all…only has one directive:
Do your job!
Shellie Dunlap
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