20 Feb 2018

Table For Two On Nantucket

Famed 18th Century poet and author, William S. Gilbert once said, “It’s not so much what’s on the table that matters, as who’s in the chairs.” I love to cook and experiment with all variety of menus, recipes and ingredients…and confess I can get sucked down the kitchen rabbit hole in trying to host the “perfect” dinner party or family meal by being more concerned about the food than the guests (even if they’re my own family). So, it’s a great reminder to focus more on the “who” than the “what.” But, it’s also a great reminder that whoever the meal is for – even those people we take most for granted (our spouse, kids, friends, etc) –  they deserve to be wined and dined every now and then.
Nantucket boasts some of the finest dining establishments in the world, with virtually all of them offering one or more of the coveted “table for two.” While ideal for romance, these private little nooks afford an intimate opportunity for any occasion. A first date at a Le Lanquedoc Bistro table overlooking Broad Street is a memory maker. A little corner alcove at Nautilus is a prime spot for two best friends to nosh the ultimate calamari (and I do mean ultimate!) while catching up. The coveted little booth in the window at Company of the Cauldron may be the finest seat anywhere in the world on a cool autumn evening while father and daughter solve world problems and watch the leaves blow across India Street.
Beyond the fabulous island eateries, there are ways to experience the same “wow” factor when dining at home. Nantucket, just by nature of her very soul, creates ambiance that makes those of us who live and frequent here want to celebrate her. During the cold winter months the bite in the air makes a crackling fire almost mandatory. We’re reminded to step out of the evening routine of dinner at the kitchen counter (or worse, from the family room sofa!) and take advantage of the scenic backdrop the Grey Lady provides.
A game table placed “just so” in front of the fireplace, provides a front row seat to watch the snowflakes swirl or trees sway out the front window as we dine. There is no rush through these charmed winter meals. There is nowhere to hurry off to and no post dinner traffic to concern us. We’re home after all, dining fireside on a tiny body of sand 30 miles out to sea. That realization alone adds to the ambiance.
Whether you’re searching for a romantic “table for two,” or just a quiet corner to catch up with one of your kids or an old friend, Nantucket has all the ambiance you need. This winter you can request the high-top table at Dune and feast on their farm fresh menu ingredients or reserve the front window booth at 56 Union where you and a loved one can share Peter’s famed spicy shrimp dish. If you call the island home, surprise your spouse or a friend with an elegant table for two in front of your own window or fireplace…and remember, it’s all about who’s in the chairs.
Two Please!
Shellie Dunlap 
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