23 Jun 2020

Something Sweet

There is something quintessentially summer about an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Nantucket has loads of ice cream choices that reach every part of the island. From Madaket to Town to Sconset, an ice cream cone is never out of reach. Below we’ve complied a list of LRE’s favorite places to enjoy a cup or a cone! Let us know where you’re favorite places for ice cream on island are!

The Sconset Market, Sconset

When you’re out on the eastern end of the island, stop by the Sconset Market for an ice cream cone when you walk down the quaint streets of the village center. The Sconset Market has all you could want in a general store, but their ice cream counter is definitely worth a stop. They have a new window to provide for social distancing so you can order ice cream straight from the window! Pick up a cone and take a stroll down to the beach.

Island Kitchen, Mid Island

A sneaky favorite of ours at LRE is the ice cream counter at Island Kitchen. We all know and love Island Kitchen for their fantastic breakfasts and patio lunches, but did you know they have a great ice cream counter with inventive flavors? Well next door, below SLIK, they have a long ice cream counter with many flavors – ranging from the classics to the inventive. Next time you’re braving the Stop and Shop, make a pitstop at IK for a pick-me-up on your way home.

The Juice Bar, Town

The most iconic of Nantucket’s various ice cream options is The Juice Bar. Located down on Broad Street it is the first thing many see when they pull off the ferry to kick off their vacation. The smell of sugar floats through town while the line to buy one of these special cones wraps around the block. The line might seem daunting but it is well worth it. The summer can’t really begin until you have your first waffle cone from The Juice Bar!

Jack & Charlie’s, Town

If the line at The Juice Bar seems too daunting, Jack & Charlie’s just a few blocks away is your answer to your in-town ice cream needs. If the Juice Bar is what you see when you pull off the Steamship, Jack & Charlie’s is what you see when you disembark the Hy-Line. Located down near Straight Wharf, you can pick out your favorite flavor and take a stroll through the wharf watching the boat traffic come and go!

Millie’s Market, Madaket

Finally, holding court in the west is the ice cream at Millie’s Market. While every one in town knows Millie’s for their tacos & margaritas, they also have a great ice cream selection. Next to the restaurant is the market for all your beach needs, including ice cream! Having a classic beach day playing in the Surf or did you head to Madaket to take in one of Nantucket’s iconic sunsets? Well, whatever the occasion for making the trip to Madaket, make sure you get an ice cream while out there!

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