17 Feb 2021

Registering Your Home & Obtaining Rental Certificate

If you’re a homeowner with a rental property in our system, you likely know by now that you need to register your property with the MA Department of Revenue in order to pay the new rental tax.  You register your property using the MassTaxConnect website.

In order for us to continue renting your property, we need your rental occupancy certificate on file. After you register your property and receive the occupancy certificate, please send us a copy. You can scan us a copy via email ( or fax it to us at 508-228-6128.

Some important information about registering your property

1. You are required to register your property with the DOR – even if you are exempt from collecting the tax. The only exception is if you only book long term rentals (more than 31 consecutive calendar days). If you rent your property for longer than 31 day stretches your property does not fall under the “short-term rental” category

2. Registration must be completed online through MassTaxConnect.

3. If you own more than one rental property, you will be asked to list the properties during the registration process and you will receive a separate certificate for each property. Please send us all of the certificates.

4. Click here for frequently asked questions about the short-term rental tax assembled by the Department of Revenue

If you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to talk you through it.

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