08 May 2012

Nantucket Calm

Nantucket calm
Merriam-Webster defines “becalmed” as being rendered motionless by lack of wind or “to stop progress.” Of course, if you’re a sailor you don’t like finding yourself becalmed, but if you’re a busy, overworked and somewhat exhausted average American you long for this sometimes allusive phenomenon. Most residents of and visitors to Nantucket agree that within moments of arriving on the island their heart-rate slows a little, their blood pressure stabilizes and they exhale. Personally, I prefer Merriam-Webster’s additional definition of becalmed: to make calm – to soothe. That’s what Nantucket is famous for – it’s soothing effect on our psyche.The photo above was taken on one of the many calm days we’ve experienced this past winter and spring. The island in general is always calming, but there’s something about rounding Brant Point when the waters are smooth as glass that deepens her peaceful effect.  Who among us doesn’t appreciate a smooth ride in life?  Instinctively, the first place my eyes are drawn to when I enter the ferry ticket office is that little sign behind the counter announcing the sea conditions.  I always love to see those four magic letters – C-A-L-M.  When left with no options, I can endure the rough seas, but I much prefer to travel bump free thank you very much.First time visitors to the island are often surprised by her quieting influence.  Our number one request for rental home amenities is wireless internet service.  Tenants arrive convinced they will need to stay “plugged in” to the outside world while on vacation.  To an extent, the modern world we live in demands it. But over and over again 2-3 days into their stay tenants confess they have “turned off” their electronic devises and are choosing to enjoy their morning coffee or evening cocktail with no distractions beyond Nantucket’s singing birds, beautiful ocean breezes or her famed sunsets.I’ve heard countless stories from guests, tenants and homeowners about how time on Nantucket transformed their business and family lives, their physical health and their overall perspective. They arrive reeling from the busyness of their everyday worlds and within days (sometimes only hours) they discover tranquility that is hard to describe or define. Once situated on their beach blanket, nestled into a rocker on the front porch of their rental home or dozing in a hammock under a tree on their own back lawn, Nantucket residents and guests often find themselves “rendered motionless” – ahhh, becalmed indeed.Are you dreaming of some slower paced days?  In need of a little calm in your life?  Perhaps even wishing you could find yourself “rendered motionless” for a week or 2…maybe even the entire summer?  If so, make plans now to come spend some time finding your Nantucket calm.  Choose an oceanfront rental or a quiet little cottage in the historic district. Make plans to visit one of Nantucket’s beautiful beaches, take a long quiet hike in Sanford Farms or simply find the nearest hammock and do nothing at all.Calm down.Shellie Dunlap


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