03 Jun 2021

LRE’s Picks – Ice Cream

Is there anything better than an ice cream cone on a hot summer day? Add in the fact that you’re on Nantucket and there is truly nothing better. Nantucket knows it’s ice cream and no matter where on the island you are, you’re never far from an ice cream cone. Check out our list below of some of LRE’s favorites:

Counter on Main Street

45 Main Street | Website

Located inside Nantucket Pharmacy on Main Street, the Counter on Main Street brings back lunch counters of a time gone-by. They offer sandwiches and hand rolled bagels, but their most important offering is Island Kitchen’s ice cream! They have rotating flavors so there is always something new to try! If an ice cream cone isn’t speaking to you, maybe a frappe will.

Jack & Charlie’s

10 Straight Wharf | Website

Jack & Charlie’s sits on Straight Wharf on the way to the Hy-Line and is serving up homemade ice cream. They have a long list of flavors for there is something for everyone. Open daily from early until late, ice cream is always a good idea.

The Juice Bar

12 Broad Street | Website

Perhaps the most famous of Nantucket’s ice cream offerings is The Juice Bar. The Juice Bar is located on the corner of Broad and South Water Streets and is one of the first things you see when you get off the Steamship. If the smell of freshly pressed waffle cones doesn’t entice you inside then I don’t know what will. A long menu of flavors means there is always something you haven’t tried!

Millie’s Market

324 Madaket Road | Website

If you’re out on the west end of the island and are in need of an ice cream fix, Millie’s Market has got your back. The market next to Millie’s Market has everything you need for the perfect beach day – including ice cream cones! You’re only moments from the beach, so get a cone and hit the sand!

The Sconset Market

4 Main Street, Sconset | Website

The Sconset Market is the eastern part of the island’s version of Millie’s Market. The market has a lot to offer their customers, however, their ice cream counter is one of the best things. If you’re staying in Sconset, it is well worth the post-dinner stroll to the market for a cone. Or if you’re not staying in Sconset but have decided to bike out to the village, an ice cream cone from the market is a perfect reward!

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