22 Jul 2021

LRE’s Picks – Farm Stands

One of the best things about living on Nantucket are all the small farm stands around the island! There are a lot of options when it comes to locally grown, small, local farms. Check out the list below of some of our LRE picks:

Boatyard Farm

165 Hummock Pond Road | Website

Boatyard Farm is located out Hummock Pond Road near 167 Raw on the way to Cisco Beach. Boatyard has a selection of seasonal, fresh, local produce but they are really known for their eggs. Eggs are available 24/7 at the farm and are the most delicious part of anyone’s breakfast!

Fog Town Farm

168 Hummock Pond Road | Website

Fog Town Farm is located on the island and specializes in growing salad crops, root vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. They also have a beef-delivery service. They’ve partnered with farms in North Vermont and delivers grass-fed beef to island residents. They can be found at the farmers market every Saturday in season, and offer a CSA as well.

Moors End Farm

40 Polpis Road | Website

Moors End Farm is a family run farm at the base of Polpis Road. They have eggs, honey, and copious amounts of local vegetables to make every meal. They have 20 acres of cultivated land which yields corn, tomatoes, berries, squash, and more. They also offer weekly CSAs so you can support the local farm while getting a box of fresh goodies every week!

Pumpkin Pond Farm

25 Millbrook Road | Website

On Millbrook Road which connects Madaket Road and Hummock Pond Road sits Pumpkin Pond Farm. Pumpkin Pond is a local organic farm and nursery. They have great locally grown vegetables for your table, as well as great plants for your garden!

Sustainable Nantucket

14 Federal Street | Website

Sustainable Nantucket is the one we have to thank for the great Farmers & Artisans Market we get to enjoy every Saturday during the season. The Farmers & Artisans Market is designed to support and strengthen our traditional industry of agriculture. All vendors are seasonal or year-round residents of Nantucket and all goods are grown or produced on the island. The market is located in the heart of downtown Nantucket on Cambridge and North Union Street and is held from early June to mid-October.

Washashore Farm

168 Hummock Pond Road | Website

Washashore Farm is an organic farm on the island known for fresh, seasonal vegetables, micro-greens, eggs and honey for local restaurants, private chefs, and the island community. They have a farm cart on Hummock Pond Road across from 167 Raw offering veggies and fresh duck eggs. Visit their Instagram to learn more.

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