12 Nov 2019

Lights, Camera, Action – Non-Profit Spotlight: Dreamland Nantucket

Who They Are

The Nantucket Dreamland is a nonprofit that is committed to bringing arts and culture to the island. The Dreamland has been around for 180 years in different iterations and in different locations, but the passion for arts on Nantucket has been around forever. The current Dreamland sits right downtown on North Water Street and overlooks the Easy Street Basin. The current building got a full renovation and was opened its doors to the public on June of 2012.

What They Do

The Dreamland offers year-round arts programing for locals and visitors alike. They have 3 different theater spaces and offer a range of programs from films to theater productions, book talks and community events. They offer a wide range of films daily, so there is something for everyone! From the new family friendly animated box office hit to the latest entry in the Marvel Universe there is always something to see. They offer film programs as well, our favorite is the Film for Thought on Wednesday nights. On Wednesdays, they offer screenings of documentaries and other educational films. They also offer a range of live performances and events. Check their website for a current list of all the happenings at the Dreamland!


There is always something to see or do at the Dreamland. In the summer months they offer a summer, rooftop concert series. They have authors and film makers come and give talks about their latest works. You can always find a great movie – whether a classic or new box office hit. Coming up in the next few months they have the Holiday Pops Concert with the Cape Symphony,  a comedic hypnotist show and in February the theater production of Frozen hits center stage! The Dreamland is always bringing new events and updating their website with all the goings on, so check it out!


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