31 Mar 2020

Let’s Get Sewing Nantucket

The world is very weird and uncertain place right now. We are all hunkered down in our homes and wondering how we can help support the doctors, nurses, and EMTs who are on the front lines fighting this fight. While staying home is the best thing we can do, it still doesn’t feel like you’ve done anything to help every day. Well, there is a way to stay home AND still feel like you’re helping support the cause.

The Nantucket Cottage Hospital is in need of Personal Protective Equipment (or PPEs), which means masks, gloves, etc. If you have masks and or gloves at your house, the hospital is welcoming donations. You can also sew masks to help the hospital. Join the new facebook group, Nantucket, Let’s Get Sewing to join all the other Nantucketers who are sewing away for a good cause! The facebook group is filled with instructions on how to do it, tips, a source of materials, and more.


Click the link here for a pattern and instructions on how to make a face mask. Let’s Get Sewing Nantucket!

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