07 Aug 2018

Food Truckin’ on Nantucket

In the 2014 American Comedy-Drama film, “Chef,” Jonathan Favreau‘s character Carl makes a life altering decision to quit his job as a top chef at a high-end Los Angeles restaurant. Disenchanted with the traditional food industry, its critics and the “box” he felt he was in stifling his creativity, Carl accepts a friend’s offer of a food truck. He brings along his young son and they embark on a journey across the country serving up Cuban sandwiches and yucca fries. The talented Carl reclaims his “first love” of food preparation as he explains to his son what they’re doing. “I get to touch people’s lives with what I do,” he opines. “And I love it and I want to share this with you.”
The love a chef has for both his craft and his creations is no surprise, but still a beautiful thing to witness and partake of. To take that love and creativity, put it into a little box truck on wheels, and still be able to convey the same passion (while also serving up culinary delights) is truly amazing. The food truck fad began sweeping the nation over a decade ago. Originating as a way to service factory employees, Hollywood film lots, concert goers and more…it’s now become a trendy and convenient way for talented chefs to offer a short list of their finest creations and take their show on the road.
On Nantucket, the food truck craze began years ago the way it did in most small-town communities…with the local ice cream truck winding its way through the neighborhood with its recognizable melody announcing its arrival. Our kids used to fly out the front door barefoot to flag the truck down for their weekly ice cream bar or orange creamsicle. Today, although none of the current island food trucks do weekly neighborhood visits, the enthusiasm is the same when we find them everywhere from Cisco Brewery to Surfside Beach and beyond.
When at the Brewery for an afternoon enjoying cold drinks and great tunes, the fish tacos and quesadillas from Millie’s Truck have long been fan favorites. My personal indulgence is the scallop roll from the Lobster Trap truck. The newest popular mobile food shop is the Taco Truck in Surfside. Beachcombers can grab tacos and more for lunch or dinner and never leave the sand. Island Kitchen has upped the game and shaken up the traditional island catering offerings with their ability to bring the party to you. The IK team catered our daughter’s wedding last fall and guests went wild for the spectacular epicurean novelties and first-class service and had a whole lot of fun ordering up late night grilled cheese from the truck window.
This summer if you’d like to mix up your gastronomic experience on Nantucket or take a break from kitchen duty at home, check out any one of these amazing food truck opportunities. You can dine in your beachwear and flip flops and you’ll find something for all ages and appetites. If you’re hosting a party or event and searching for a unique experience for your guests, let Island Kitchen cruise right up to your back lawn, roll out the awning, slide open the truck window and ring the dinner bell.
Keep on Truckin’

Shellie Dunlap  

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