02 Jun 2015

Fired Up On Nantucket

Remember that scene from the movie The Blind Side where Sandra Bullock, starring as the chic, but determined, helicopter mom Leigh Anne, interrupts the football practice to help “fire up” foster son Michael? When he immediately responds to her “coaching” and starts tearing up the football field, the befuddled coach Burt slides on to the stadium bench beside Leigh Anne to inquire how she did it. She reminds him simply that he needs to get to know what his players strong points are…and play to those.

With another summer tourist season upon us, Nantucket businesses and organizations are playing to their strengths and raising the bar on hospitality. While the island itself has a wide variety of natural and historic sites to enthrall visitors, the people charged with catering to Nantucket guests take seriously the opportunity to “fire up” their staff, teams and volunteers to ensure everyone has a spectacular Nantucket experience.

The Nantucket Hotel makes their guests island experience priority number one, offering a comprehensive menu of family friendly amenities. From a guided tour through downtown in their antique firetruck, to the Kids Club day and evening activities, to health club and spa packages at the Nantucket Club for mom and dad. Across the street at the White Elephant Villages, visitors enjoy afternoon port and cheese and use of the complimentary courtesy car for their evening drop off. Nestled into one of the posh, yet quaint, suites at the Centerboard Inn on Chester Street, lodgers enjoy complimentary use of an Apple i-pad and a mouthwatering breakfast buffet.

It’s not just the hotels and inns that are rolling out the red carpet for the season. The Stop and Shop is wowing shoppers with their newly opened mid-island store, featuring everything from an expanded organic food section to a sushi bar. The Artists Association of Nantucket is gearing up for the opening of their new state of the art visual arts center which will provide programming and classes for all ages. The newly expanded Boys and Girls Club is on track to re-open in June. Its impressive indoor sports courts and renovated interior will help ensure that the young people of Nantucket have their own “5 star” experience.

With this much attention to detail in the works, it’s easy to see why both local businesses and island visitors are getting fired up for another Nantucket summer. Those of us who work and live on Nantucket take pride in offering summer visitors, friends and family the best the island has to offer. Come catch the fever and join us for another season of fun in the sun on Nantucket.

On fire!

Shellie Dunlap

Shellie Dunlap - A Nantucket Experience

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