13 Dec 2011

Christmas On Nantucket…

Christmas on Nantucket

There’s a giant Christmas Tree perched at the top of Nantucket’s Main Street beckoning visitors to gather ’round and embrace the holiday season. The theme of this year’s tree is “Dear Santa.” Topped off with a Santa hat, it is aptly decorated with “ornaments” which are real-life letters to Santa written by Nantucket school kids. This is not your average holiday sapling…this tree is magical. At scheduled times, the tree actually “talks” to curious boys and girls anxious to make their holiday wishes known. I envy the volunteer hidden away behind the walls of the Pacific National Bank who gets to participate in this sense of wonder that defines the holiday season.

I chuckle as I peruse the various “ornaments” hanging from the tree. There is something awe-inspiring about viewing this time of year through the eyes of a child. Their wish list to Santa reveals a lot about their personalities. Lindsay is an animal lover – she wants a kitty and a new horse. Becky, the humanitarian wants Santa to bring food for all the hungry people. Scott is practical…he’s wishing for socks – that’s all just socks. Crime-fighting must be on Ron’s agenda – he wants UGG’s, a cape and a magic wand. Steven, Kelly and Amanda are all about fun and games – their lists include board-games, a new bike and a hula-hoop respectively. Shelby dreams big – she’s wishing for a private jet. Victoria is a girl after my own heart. Her list includes love, health, happiness…and a diamond ring. Why not? It’s Christmas after all.

I think it’s true (or it should be) that Christmas isn’t just for kids. I love seeing grown men and women walking up the street in their Santa hats or driving around town with reindeer ears on the hood of their cars. I’m not sure at what age we begin modifying our wish lists. While “grown up” issues are very real…and most times not very pleasant…this is the season when we’re given permission to tap into our “inner child.”  We can hope for the best, wish for the seemingly impossible and believe in a miracle or two.

So how about you? What’s on your list this holiday season? Maybe you’re a big dreamer like Shelby and you’re wishing for Christmas on Nantucket or your very own Nantucket summer home. Perhaps you’re like Scott and you’ll be happy as a Nantucket clam with warm new socks under your tree. If you’re like me, there’s no question a little love, health and happiness are in order. But like Victoria, there’s no harm in wishing that something sparkly might appear under the tree as well. Whatever is on your list this year, be sure to write it down and put it where the jolly bearded fellow will find it.

Dear Santa…

Shellie Dunlap


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