02 Aug 2021

August Event Calendar

Summer on Nantucket goes by in a flash … how is it already August? We’ve had a fun filled summer so far and the events just keep on coming in August, check them out below and put these events in your calendar!

August 5th – August 7th – Nantucket By Design

The premier summer fundraiser for the Nantucket Historical Association is Nantucket by Design. This event celebrates the island’s influence on American design with great speakers, lively discussions, an antique show, a design panel, and more. Check out their website here to learn more!

August 14th – Boston Pops on ACK

One of THE events of the summer is when the Boston Pops come out for a concert at Jetties Beach to benefit the Nantucket Cottage Hospital. The format of this year’s event is still TBD with COVID restrictions still in place but we are hopeful we can enjoy the event in some capacity this summer. Check out the website here for details on the event format.

August 21st – The Summer Groove

The Summer Groove turns 20 this year! The biggest fundraiser of the year for Nantucket’s Boys & Girls Club, the Summer Groove cannot be missed and is talked about all year long. Instead of a big party all together – this year the Groove has been re-imagined as a series of intimate gatherings at various locations all over the island. Check out their website here to learn more!

August 22nd – Nantucket’s Opera House Cup Race

The Opera House Cup Race was the first all-wooden, single-fulled classic boat regatta on the East Coast. The race brings some of the first wooden sailboats in the world to our waters and is always a sight to be seen. Lee Real Estate’s own, Joe Lloyd, is usually among the racers so keep your eyes peeled for him as the boats go racing by!

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