24 May 2011

Toast to Nantucket

This past week the island was a flurry of raised glasses and food parings as we celebrated the 15th Annual Nantucket Wine Festival.  My husband and I were lucky enough to attend several of the special events that were part of the weekend festivities.  The festival showcased over 160 wineries, a wide variety of delectable menu items and a captive audience of wine enthusiasts.

My husband Dan loves everything about wine.  He likes to swirl it and marvel at the legs as they cling to the side of the glass. He likes to put his nose in the glass, inhale the aroma and comment on its complexity.  He loves to admire the artistry on the labels. Of course, ultimately, he enjoys sipping it.  I like wine too, but I must confess I don’t really understand all the pomp and circumstance.  If it tastes good I drink it, if it doesn’t…I pass it on to Dan to swirl, sniff and sip.

We had a great time at the opening night Gala.  Many of the wines were on display and available to sample. One of the best parts of the event was talking with the wine makers.  Their passion for their work is evident as they describe the process of growing, bottling and everything in between. There’s something very special about the opportunity to personally create and market something so many people will enjoy.  It’s easy to see why many of them consider it an art.

Perhaps the most meaningful part of any wine experience (or any beverage for that matter) is the opportunity to raise our glass before we drink.  There were many toasts this past weekend – to friends and family, to good health and good times, to peace and prosperity.  As we kick off a new summer season, perhaps it’s a good time to raise a glass to this island we love.

Toast to Nantucket:  To your beautiful landscape and storybook harbor.  To your breathtaking sunrises and show-stopping sunsets.  To your rich history, quaint cobblestones, manicured gardens, adorned window boxes, exquisite restaurants, world class Inns, hotels and rental homes.  To your rolling dunes, mesmerizing ocean views, world famous beaches and gracious hospitable residents.  To the friends we’ve made, the events we’ve celebrated and the grains of sand we’ve collected between our toes. To all of the things that make you unique, to all of the memories we’ve shared and for the many ways you’ve made us better – we thank you.  To you…our beloved Nantucket.

Clink Clink.

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