04 May 2020

Nantucket on Instagram

The weather is starting to change and usually the island would begin to flood with summer visitors. While this year that isn’t so much the case, the island will be here to welcome you bACK whenever we are allowed to congregate again. In the meantime, visit the island via social media. Below are a few of our favorite Nantucket Instagram accounts so you can stay up to date with your favorite island!


Looking for a taste of island life? Craving the smell of hydrangeas or climbing roses? Well the Instagram account, @nantucketfineliving, brings you a taste of Nantucket 365 days a year. So even though you’re in the apartment in the city, you can be transported to the island in just one photo.


One of the best things about Nantucket are the businesses. Everyone who comes out here has their own favorite restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, retail stores and more. The people who run these island businesses provide the backbone for this community. Chris Sleeper, who is the manager at Nautilus, has put together a Hospitality Happy Hour on Instagram to bring this community together. Check out his Instagram 3 nights a week for a conversation with someone in the hospitality business. Tonight tune in to hear Nantucket blACKbook‘s own Holly Finigan!


FLOTSAM Magazine is the newest alternative magazine about all things Nantucket! The magazine will highlight the islands’ people, art, culture, history, and more. The magazine will launch this summer but in the meantime check out their Instagram for great photos of Nantucket, and some sneak peeks into what the magazine will have to offer come summertime.


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