03 Nov 2015

Nantucket Bookworks

As I perused the aisles of the beloved and newly renovated Nantucket Bookworks this week, I was reminded of Henry Ward Beecher’s words, “Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?” As my eyes darted from shelf to shelf and my fingers glanced the glossy paper jackets, I wanted to fill my basket with a copy of each. From the bestsellers to the self-help books to an entire section dedicated to Nantucket (with copies of A Nantucket Experience gracing the shelf!) there truly is something for everyone.
The “new and improved” Nantucket Bookworks is a sight to behold. It’s the same charming and quaint local shop – only better. It’s like Bookworks 2.0! They did an amazing job of preserving the original style, design and integrity of the much loved store, while adding space and features that will thrill both loyal patrons and new visitors. There’s more elbow room, new shelving displays, more merchandise…and that’s just the beginning! ACK Fresh now has a “juice booth” in the back corner for all your fresh pressed juice and healthy snack needs. There are new gift items galore. My favorite feature in the store is the new kids room – complete with a teeny tiny door leading into the magical space which is outfitted with a little mushroom table and stools and shelves brimming with books, games and art supplies. I don’t know a kid alive (or an adult for that matter!) who can’t fall in love with books in that little wonderland.
Even with the all the new gadgets and gizmos that afford us the luxury of having instant access to new releases or old classics electronically, in my humble opinion there is still nothing as cathartic as feeling the pages of the printed word between your fingers. As Emilia Fox once said, “Books are like old friends. They’re part of your history. They tell a story about your journey through life.” I love visiting the homes of family or friends and scanning their bookshelves to see what they’ve read recently. It always gives a glimpse into what they’re passionate about.
One thing’s for certain – Nantucket is passionate about books. We’re lucky enough to have two fabulous locally owned bookstores. Both – Mitchell’s Book Corner and Nantucket Bookworks – have a rich history of providing the island with a variety of good reads. At the annual Nantucket Book Festival each June, literary enthusiasts and casual readers alike are treated to a number of events and opportunities to meet world famous authors and new local talent and purchase personally signed copies of their work. It’s reassuring that Nantucket is still a place where you’re as apt to see people at the lunch counter or on a Main Street bench buried in a book instead of scanning their mobile device.
If you haven’t seen the newly re-opened Nantucket Bookworks yet, don’t miss it. Start your holiday shopping early and pick up some gifts that can be used, loved and shared. Or, practice a little self-indulgence and treat yourself to the latest bestseller, a little island history or a beautiful new Nantucket gift book to grace your coffee table.
Books work.
Shellie Dunlap
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