09 Sep 2021

LRE’s Picks – Pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore. Nantucket has no shortage of pizza options ranging from Neapolitan style, pub style, deep dish, and more. Check out the list below of LRE’s favorite spots for a slice:

Pizzeria Gemelle

2 East Chestnut Street | Website

East Chester Street might as well be the Little Italy of Nantucket. Pizzeria Gemelle is the sister restaurant to Ventuno and Via Mare, and they know what they’re doing when it comes to pizza. They are cranking out Neapolitan styled pies and each one is better than the last. You can order online, so check out their website above so you’re pizza is ready for you when you arrive!

Pi Pizza

11 West Creek Road | Website

If thin crust is your favorite, then Pi Pizza on West Creek Road is where you want to be. This Italian-American restaurant has a large menu with lots of options, including a whole pizza menu of wood-fired pies. They have lunch and dinner and take orders all day, so be sure to call ahead to get your pizza fix.

Sophie T’s

7 Dave Street | Website

Sophie T’s is located across from The Chicken Box and has a large menu of made to order pizzas. Their pizzas have a Sicilian style crust and are the perfect thing to have for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking! They have both dine-in and take-out options as well. Check out their menu at the website above.

Steamboat Pizza

10 Broad Street | Website

Steamboat Pizza is the go-to pizza on the strip downtown. Steamboat Pizza offers pizza by the slice, as well as whole pies. Plus they deliver! So if leaving your house isn’t in the cards, Steamboat will deliver pizza fresh to your door. Pro-tip: they are cash only, so plan ahead!

Foggy Nantucket

147 Orange Street | Website

The newest pizza offering on the island is Foggy Bakery. Foggy Bakery has ventured into the realm of deep-dish pizza and let me tell you, it does not disappoint! They are located on Orange Street on the way out of town, so it saves you a trip into downtown Nantucket. They have a large menu with lots of different pizza options – ranging from the typical choices to more eclectic offerings. Check out their menu at the website above.

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