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  • 26 Jan 2016 Roiled Up on Nantucket

    In his 2015 release, “Killosophy,” author and philosopher Criss Jami writes that “the weather is nature’s disruptor of human plans and busybodies.” He goes on to say, “of all the things on earth, nature’s disruption is what we know we can depend on, as it is essentially uncontrolled by men.” I was pondering this premise…

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  • 12 Jan 2016 Change On Nantucket

    In his 2013 bestseller, “The Best of Me,” Nicholas Sparks opines that “change isn’t always for the best.” While his story is one of two young people who re-discover teenage romance after 20 years, his premise of change not always being best applies to many life circumstances. With 2016 on the calendar and many of…

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