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  • 03 May 2016 Driving Miss Daffy On Nantucket

    In the 1989 Oscar winning film, “Driving Miss Daisy,” Morgan Freeman starring as Hoke Colburn, reminds us that chivalry is alive and well. Hoke wins over the stubborn and sometimes crotchety “Miss Daisy” played by the brilliant Jessica Tandy, with his southern charm and the graciousness of a sincere gentlemen…exemplifying the true meaning of service…

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  • 19 Apr 2016 It Takes A Village On Nantucket

    The 19th century English cleric, Charles Caleb Colton wrote in his essay collection “Many Things In A Few Words,” that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” While visiting family and friends in Arizona recently, I stumbled upon a new sub-division of tract homes proudly identifying their neighborhood as “Nantucket Village.” It made me chuckle…

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